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messagingMDT-860 (Mobile Data Terminal)

Whatever type of fleet you operate it is essential to pass valuable information quickly and accurately to your staff in the field.

You can dispatch complete job details, directions or messages to your field staff via the MDT-850 Mobile Data Terminal, utilising either your existing call management package, or the Navman Wireless OnLineAVL solution.

The MDT-860 offers low cost, reliable and secure two-way text messaging, providing fast and dependable communication with your fleet.

Dramatically reduce your communication costs

The Navman Wireless MDT-860 provides:

  • Low cost two way text messaging
  • Customer selected preset replies
  • PC based message dispatch software
  • Compact size
  • Reliable and easy installation
  • Communication with one or all fleet members at once
  • Information quickly and accurately
  • and much more…

Benefits to your Business


  • Eliminate message errors and misunderstandings
  • Simplify your daily communications
  • Ensure that you can always keep in touch


  • Communicate all necessary information in one simple operation
  • Dispatch messages to one or all members of your fleet in one mouse click

Value for Money

  • Save time and money by streamlining your field communication
  • Reduce your communication bills with the GPRS data network

The MDT-850 from Navman Wireless provides you with better, faster and cheaper communication with your remote teams. Whatever your industry or the size of your fleet, Navman Wireless offers you affordable real-time productivity!

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